Immortal Friendship: Celeste 4

by Edward Cupps and Dustin Evermore

Celeste knocked on the door of Fianna's chambers in the Chantry.

"Come in," replied Fianna. She had been studied some new texts Roma wanted her read, but she had always been a learn-by-application kind of person. In lieu of that, she had adopted the habit of keeping her hands busy while studying. Lately, she had done this by idly plucking tunes on her electric guitar (but with the power off so that it was very quiet) while she read the books.

Celeste stepped into the room and Fianna looked up, smiled her greeting and put down the instrument.

Celeste began by saying, "Perhaps you are not the best person for me to talk to concerning this, but you are my friend so..." She hesitated and then continued, "I know you have a herd, a loyal group of followers whom you can feed from. I really don't, I mean I know several punkers and raver addicts from whom I drink, either by "the Kiss" [she actually made the quotes with he hands] or by serendipitously drawing the vitae with magic. I meet them in the clubs when I can, but while I enjoy the hunt, I really need a steady supply. Any ideas?"

Fianna's smile grew wider. "Why Celeste, if you saw yourself through my eyes, I think that the answer would be partly there already. Look at you! You are beautiful, smart, and very attractive. You should be adored by many! Like a work of art."

Celeste shook her head a little, while smiling. If she could blush, she would. "Thanks, but I'm not so much worried about establishing a group of worshippers or a cadre of pathetic blood dolls as I am in making sure I have a steady supply. My work with the Chantry is about to go into overdrive and I'm worried about, well to speak. I guess I'm looking to make gathering of vitae as easy and painless as possible. I've been a kindred for a quarter century now and in that time I have never ghouled anyone or set up a...herd? I guess that's the colloquial term. I've spent most of my time in a Chantry. When I hunt, it's in the clubs and then only in the last decade or so. But thanks for your confidance in me, but I mean you're my lover, you might be unconsciously simply making me feel good."

"I'm not just saying that to make you feel good, either," Fianna insisted. "You deserve it. All that you are missing is a little practice on how to convince kine to keep coming back and to always want to be around you, even without you needing to ghoul them." Fianna's eyes were bright and excited. "The great thing is that the first part, introducing you to the kind of herd that will benefit you the most, is going to be practically done for you. Once we get the band going and have a little success, we are going to attract the attention of mortal fans and we can work on getting you set up from there.

"I can see that. So the band may be the answer?"

"Yes. See, it's not so difficult once you know what it is that makes your group of people feel good about themselves. If they know they are going to feel good when you're around they are going to want you to be there. That's how it began with my own group. I took a downtrodden people, feeling defeated and lost in world not of their making and I gave them something that made them feel good to be them. I gave them hope -- and they worship me for it. You can do something very similar, although you needn't come at it from the same religious angle I work with. There is nothing in this world more loyal than a fanatic, but I don't think that's something you really need right now."

"I agree with that. I don't think I'd make a good high priestess, goddess or the like. Too esoteric and technological for their tastes. So how would this come about? I mean, the idea of throngs of people throwing themselves at me to feed upon, worship me and the like has its appeal. I don't know if I'm up to the responsibility of maintaining the masquerade with such a large number of people. As much as I like using my spells to gather vitae discreetly, there is nothing quite like the hunt and/or seduction of a kine and putting the bite on. So to speak. So I can do this, have fun, and get my work done at the same time?"

Fianna answered, "For you, all it will take is a little seduction here, a well-placed word there, a little common ground (the music in this case), and a discovery of what makes your group of people special."

"Maybe a fan club, or...roadies?" Celeste's eyes lit up.

"That might be all you need. If we can manage to impress some fans there are going to be all kinds of people that will be interested in getting to know you. Some will be willing to do almost anything to get your attention. Through their idols, the people get closer to what their heart desires. All you really need is to give them a little of your attention here and there and they will accept you and follow you."

Fianna smiled, "Of course if the band doesn't work out, we'll work out something else."

Celeste sits back saying, "Yes, I'm sure everything will work out. It always does. Not necessarily for the best, but it always works out."

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