Immortal Friendship: Celeste 5

by Edward Cupps and Dustin Evermore

[Game notes from the author: I figured this scene had to occur. It takes place after a dramatic battle against a Sabbat Pack that very nearly killed the entire party.

At the end, Fianna was feeling *very* grateful to Celeste for coming to her aid and trying to save Fianna's skin when she gave the panicked phone call in the middle of the battle. At the time she called, Fianna didn't know there were any other survivors of Nuyen's team. She hadn't seen what had happened to Nate (the Brujah), and Nuyen (Tzimisce) and the Nosferatu (Number Two) had disappeared into Lasombra darkness. The Ventrue Hunter wasn't helping them anymore, Strong Bow was inches from dead, and she was facing off against a Tzimisce backed up by a city dog (City Gangrel). She had to really believe she was dead meat, but by gum she was going to make them work for it. Things changed right after she placed the phone call, but the thing she remembers the clearest is that whatever else happened, Celeste came to help her, and literally pick up the pieces after the battle.

I'm sure that to Celeste, it was a matter of course she'd want to help. But to Fianna, it was a big deal. She discovered that she really depended on Celeste more than she realized and that has had a positive effect on the relationship. Up until now, Fianna had been holding the strings on the relationship. Where Celeste has allowed herself to be very open and clear about how she feels, Fianna has been a little less so, and has retained pretty tight control over what happens in their personal life (such as it is).

Anyway, point is that Fianna saw that the relationship was rather lopsided in her favor, and now wanted to even things out.

This scene takes place after Fianna lay for weeks in a deathly torpor after suffering greivous injuries during the fight with the Sabbat. Ironically, it was her own allies, the Nosferatu known as Number Two, who had done the worst damage, finally actually bringing her down with sprays of wild bullets as he vanely tried to hit the Sabbat Tzimisce leader and shot her instead.

It was late in the evening, just after the usual time allotted for Fianna's studies under Ashlynne. Celeste knew that at this time of night, Fianna was most often practicing her music or studying on her own in her chambers before she would leave for home. She knocked on the door and waited, but there was no answer.

"Fianna?" Celeste called. She wouldn't normally just barge in on her friend, but it had been two weeks, a very rough two weeks, since she had last seen her. She turned the knob and poked her head in.

"Are you here?" she asked, and then walked in, looking around. The room was as it had been left two weeks ago. A fine sprinkle of dust covered Fianna's guitar and the couple books of music that had been left out. There was a journal also lying on the floor, with a ballpoint pen resting on top of it. Nothing had been disturbed.

"Celeste?" The voice behind her was unmistakably Fianna's and Celeste turned around to greet her with a wide smile.

Fianna practically crashed into Celeste and wrapped her in an enthusiastic hug. Fianna kicked the door lightly closed with her foot and pulled Celeste into a warm kiss.

Celeste hugged back, with as much fervor. She gently ran her fingers through Fianna' hair. She said nothing, enjoying and relishing the embrace of her paramour.

Fianna held on so tightly, it felt like she didn't want to ever let go. She spoke into Celeste's ear, "Thank you so much for being there for me! When I called you, I really thought I was alone and that I was going to die. But you came!"

Celeste, returned with a bright, friendly smile, "Of course silly, I'd never let you down. A promise is a promise."

"I.. It's just that I've had some time to think, Celeste. About a lot of things. About mistakes I've made." Fianna continued.

"Mistakes? We all make mistakes. It's just that most people don't learn from them."

"I realized that I never told you how I feel. I've talked about close friends and about being like sisters, but I didn't tell you... I didn't tell you enough." She buried her face in the crook of her lover's neck. "I love you, Celeste." The Gaelic vampiress had nearly died very recently. Suddenly, being alive, or at least undead, was very important to her and the experience had made her rethink her priorities.

Celeste brightened up even more and then looking quizzically (but in a loving manner), says, "I love you too Fianna. But, you've been though a lot. I don't doubt your feelings, and I am so happy, so happy. However, I don't want to use this situation to draw you in. I don't want to take advantage of you because of this recent tragedy."

Celeste held Fianna close, again running her hands through the black hair of her friend (she seemed to enjoy that). The two remained close, enjoying the shared emotions they had. Whatever else they may be, they, like all vampires were slaves to their passions and as such they experienced the highs -- and lows-- like no mortal could...

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