Dialog 5: Witches and Warlocks, Explicit Section

by Dustin Evermore and Lisa Hartjes

Beren leaned her head forwards and captured Fianna's lips in a kiss. As her tongue teased Fianna, Beren's fingers traced lightly over the Gaelic vampire's back from the nape of her neck to the small of her back just below the waistband of her shorts.

The elder vampire's small hands came to rest on Fianna's hips, and as Beren deepened their kiss, her hands slid slowly along Fianna's torso. Inch by inch they caressed Fianna's skin, moving inexorably upwards. With remarkable boldness, Beren's hands cupped and caressed Fianna's breasts under her shirt, creating hard, sensitive buds. In a swift movement, Fianna's shirt was gone. Beren's lips slid from Fianna's, and kissed, nibbled and licked their way to their target.

Fianna let out a soft gasp as Beren's tongue played and teased her nipple. The elder devoted her attention to that sensitive piece of flesh, caressing it with her tongue and gently pulling at it with her teeth.

Hands slid down Fianna's back, pausing to caress and squeeze the swelling of her buttocks, then moved lower to touch her from behind. Gentle prodding caused Fianna to part her legs and Beren's hands slid between them, parting and lifting, until Fianna was off the ground. Her legs were moved to wrap themselves around Beren's waist, and without so much as missing a lick, Beren carried Fianna to the master bedroom.

Fianna felt herself being gently lowered down onto the bed, but Beren did not cease in her ministrations, causing Fianna to marvel at her strength and control. Small hands began to caress Fianna's torso again as Beren switched her attentions to the other breast.

After what seemed like an eternity, Beren's lips slid away and started to ply their trade down Fianna's rib cage onto the quivering and jumping flesh of her abdomen. Slowly and carefully, Beren kissed her way down to the waistband of her shorts.

With the ease of years of practice, Beren undid the button of Fianna's shorts using only her mouth, and grasped the tag of the zipper between her teeth and pulled it down, revealing the bare flesh beneath.

Beren peeled back the cloth, favoring every inch of bared skin with a welcoming kiss, and before Fianna knew it, her shorts were gone and she lay completely naked on the bed.

The elder began to kiss her way back up Fianna's body, and Fianna felt the brush of bare skin against hers. At some point, Beren had divested herself of her own clothes.

Beren stopped at Fianna's left breast, her mouth returning to its seductive play. Her right breast was not left wanting, for Beren's left hand reached up and began to tease and caress, returning Fianna quickly to the quivering pitch of need.

Fianna felt Beren's mouth leave her, and she opened her eyes to see Beren gazing at her with orbs of the darkest night. "May I," Beren whispered, and Fianna caught a glimpse of ivory fang.

Fianna stared at the gleam of teeth behind those sweet, youthful lips for a moment. Then she assented with a nod.

Beren's neck bent once again and she returned to her task. Fianna felt the fever pitch begin to rise ever slowly, and her hips began to squirm of their own accord. She suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from the nipple of her left breast, but it was immediately swept away by the maelstrom of sensation.

Fianna felt like a fist had suddenly tightened low in her body. She was about to speak when it hit her. A wave of pleasure coursed through her every time she felt Beren suckle at her breast. Beren controlled the sensation, sometimes sucking at Fianna's nipple gently, other times hard like a starving infant.

Through the haze of pleasure, Fianna barely noticed the bed move under a new weight and Beren's body shift. She opened her lust-drugged eyes to see Andre kneeling behind Beren, his hands upon her hips. As she watched, Andre thrust himself into Beren, and she found herself almost screaming in pleasure as Beren slipped a finger inside and found that secret, extremely sensitive spot. The caressing finger moved in time to Andre's motions, and soon, a second, and then a third joined one finger. Her head tipped back and mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy.

Almost beyond caring about anything but the pleasure, Fianna heard a low and guttural groan coming from her left. Her head lolled over to that side and she saw Strong Bow. He was breathing heavily, and the cords of muscle stood out in his neck and his arms. In the back of her mind she noticed that he no longer was wearing his shirt, and she could see the sheen of sweat on his body.

Another sound of pure need escaped his throat, and Fianna could see that her Bear Warrior was so aroused that the constriction of his pants must be painful. Her eyes slid up to his face, and all she could see there was adoration and intense lust.

"Please..." Strong Bow begged, his voice filled with overwhelming desire, the strain of restraining himself evident. "Allow me to serve you... to please you...."

Fianna nodded, reached out and grabbed his arm. She pulled him close even as Beren moved away. He was as firm as he was strong and when he slid himself in, Fianna gasped at the small pain she suddenly felt. He hovered over her for a few moments, his excitement building quickly. The new sensations washing over her were intense and she wasn't ready for it to be over.

She pushed him back. He watched her with enraptured eyes and she sensed his need, but she wasn't pushing him away. She turned and pulled him beneath her while he sighed in pleased excitement. She lowered herself onto him, guiding him in with her hand. Her hips began to move in rhythmic motions while the Indian moaned and helped with motions of his own.

Blood dripped down the breast Beren had bitten and spattered on Strong Bow's heavily muscled chest. Fianna noticed he was staring at the slowly seeping wound so she reached down and raise his head to her chest, allowing him a taste of her own vital essence. Again, that tightness in the pit of her stomach and the explosive feelings it brought nearly overwhelmed her. She sucked air through her teeth with a hiss, and her fingernail made red trails down his back.

Fianna saw movement out of the corner of her eye, and glanced over to see Beren riding Andre as Fianna rode her Strong Bow. It was like watching some erotic ballet. It was hard to tell where one of them ended and the other began, but every movement gave evidence to mounting pleasure, and the air was becoming so think with it that Fianna could almost taste it. A half growl, half groan burst from Strong Bow's lips as he increased the tempo and strength of his thrusts, his hands tightening like a vice on her hips as he tried to control the rhythm.

"Fianna." She heard Beren's voice in her ear like a seductive breeze. "Let him fill you as only a man, as only your special and truest lover ever could. Let go and feel the pleasure. Let go and give him just a small taste of the ecstasy that you feel. Drink of him and show him the pleasure that only you can give him. The taste of him now will be sweeter than anything you have ever tasted."

Strong Bow growled again and with a swift pull changed Fianna's position atop him so that now every movement he made caused him to rub both her pleasure centers, bringing forth waves of pleasure so strong they were almost painful.

Andre must have done the same with Beren, for her words ceased almost immediately and her head was thrown back as she let out a shuddering gasp. They began to move faster and faster, Andre's grunts of exertion coming stronger and faster. He began to murmur words in the language Fianna had only ever heard the two of them speak, and Beren replied in single syllables.

As Fianna watched, she could see the tension building in Andre, and just when he seemed he would explode, she heard a hungry, seductive growl come from deep in Beren's throat. The petite vampire's head flung back one last time, revealing her perfect white fangs, and with the speed of an asp she struck, burying her face into the side of Andre's neck. At that instant Andre let out a hoarse shout and his hips began to move in wild abandon.

Moments later, Beren's back arched and she pulled back, letting out a scream of her own, revealing bloodstained lips and two perfect, dainty holes in Andre's skin.

"Mahpiya Winyam, please." Strong Bow's voice was urgent and burdened with desire. "I want... no, I need to serve you in every way." He turned his head, offering the side of his neck to her, and Fianna could see the pulse of the racing blood just under his skin. "Make me yours forever."

Fianna looked back down at Strong Bow ran her fingers down the side of his face and traced the thick muscles of his neck, finding the living, pulsing vein there. What was happening, all that she was experiencing drove a new need to taste his blood and she found herself all too happy to give him the Kiss. She allowed the speed to pick up and cultivated his increasingly frantic thrusts, knowing that she, too, would soon loose control of her own body.

Then she fell upon him biting his neck and puncturing it in one, clean bite. She felt him tense and nearly choke with excitement. With each of his convulsions, she drank more from him. The taste of fresh living blood at this moment was more delicious seductive than she had tasted before, as his blood was laden with a new, heavy flavor. She didn't want to stop, even as she began to feel his heartbeat weaken.

Beren reached over and took Fianna's hair in her hand. She pulled the wild, younger vampire away from Strong Bow. Fianna reached to touch the iron grip of the elder vampire as if she would try to get away, but then stopped as she realized that Beren had probably saved Strong Bow. She looked at Beren in mute disappointment as she realized she hadn't finished.

Keeping a fierce hold of Fianna's hair, Beren turned Fianna's head so she could see Strong Bow and the blood flowing from his neck. "You must lick the wound closed, Fianna, or he will die." Beren motioned to Andre, and he helped support Strong Bow and moved him closer. The Lakota's skin was pale, and he lay unresisting in Andre's arms, still shuddering from pleasure.

Fianna blinked and answered ashamedly, "I… I know. I should have…" She leaned down as Strong Bow's worshipful eyes watched and gently licked the wounds. In moments, the holes had sealed as if they were never there.

Strong Bow sighed and Andre gently carried him out of the room. In a swift motion, Fianna found herself pinned to the bed, Berengiere straddling her. Beren bent her head and gave one long, hard last suck on Fianna's bleeding nipple, then with relish, licked the wound closed.

"If you still need to feed, you may drink from Andre when he returns," Beren said, her tongue darting out to lick away a stray drop of blood on her lips. "Or you may drink from me. It is your choice." With that, Beren began to caress Fianna's body again, playing it like a fine instrument, bringing her back to a fever pitch.

Fianna shook her head. "I do not need, um, that right now"

When Beren's lips and tongue kiss her most sensitive parts, she felt as taught as a bowstring, her entire body quivering from each movement. The elder's hands held Fianna in place, unable to move, and this helplesness only heightened the sensations. Then suddenly, agonizingly, Beren stopped.

Fianna cried out in dismay and opened her eyes. She saw Beren kneeling over her, and Andre standing next to her, hung like a horse ready to mount a mare.

"Which of us do you want, Fianna," Beren asked in a purr. "Andre, me," she paused for a moment. "Or both of us?"

"Either of you, both of you," she panted. "Just… Do it."

Wordlessly, Beren slid over to one side and Andre joined them on the bed. In a single motion, Andre lifted Fianna up by the hips and impaled her, filling her to the brim and beyond. Every movement stretched her and rubbed her in ways that made her want to scream.

The pleasure began to overtake everything. She felt hands caressing and squeezing her breasts, and faintly a sharp pain before waves of ecstasy started crashing through her. Fianna's eyes burst open and the first thing she saw was the smooth, perfect flesh of a neck.

She remembered the warm rush of teeth bursting through skin, but images and sensations were all coming in a rush to her overloaded senses. She couldn't tell who was where anymore so she squeezed her eyes shut to avoid the temptation and rode the wave of the explosive feelings she was experiencing. Finally, for the first time in her existence, she climaxed.

She noticed someone's ragged scream of pleasure and even a delicious dose of pain. She opened her eyes and discovered that it was she.

Andre continued to move inside her, varying the strength and speed of his thrusts, bringing Fianna again and again until she was weak and trembling. He gently returned her to the bed, sliding out of her, and she realized that he was still hard and erect. Knowing Fianna was watching, Andre reached over and grabbed Beren and pulled her towards him.

With a swift move, he flipped Beren and laid her on her back next to Fianna. "Care to help," Andre invited with a seductive growl as he plunged deep into his mistress, drawing a gasp and a hungry purr.

Fianna realized dizzily that had she been mortal, she probably would have passed out. She looked from Beren to Andre, wondering who needed help the most. She knelt just beyond Beren's head, so that it was lay between Fianna's knees as she bent over and began caressing and licking Beren's small, firm breasts.

Beren sighed, closed her eyes and arched her back in pleasure. She muttered a few gutteral words and her hands tightened into fists, holding onto the sheets like a lifeline. Andre took hold of Beren's hips and held her firmly, controlling every movement made.

Soon, Beren's body was shuddering, and Fianna could tell instinctively that Andre was deliberately bringing her to the edge of her climax but not letting her go all the way. Time and again he did it, and Fianna could smell her - like the lust from Strong Bow, but heavily laden with the passion and power of centuries.

Beren's back was arching and she was fighting Andre's control, trying to get over the precipice to bliss. A single word escaped her passion-swollen lips. "Please...."

Fianna looked up at Andre and nodded to him. She withdrew to allow him access to all of Beren and give him space.

Without missing a stroke, Andre shifted positions and the two lovers fell to the floor, Beren pinned beneath him. Growls began to emanate from both of them as the thrusting got more and more forceful. Andre suddenly raised himself up on both hands, stiffened, and let out a hoarse, grunting cry, echoed by a ragged scream from Beren.

The elder's legs wrapped around and Andre's waist and Beren continued to buck against him, as if trying to milk every last ounce from him. At long last, Andre collapsed in a panted, boneless heap on top of her.

After a few moments, Beren slid out from underneath him, picked him up as lovingly as a mother would a child, and tucked him into the bed.

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