Reference - Dark Age Disciplines

Discipline Conversions
by Dustin Evermore


Predator's Communion, Power 1
System: A successful skill roll allows the Laibon to sense other Beasts in the vicinity via smell and she can track it with a successful perception (IQ) roll. This power lasts one minute per point the roll was made by.

Taming the Beast, Power 2
System: With a successful roll, the Laibon may add +3 on a physical skill or add +3 to damage on a subsequent action. However, she must then make a Frenzy check.

Whistling up the Beast, Power 3
System: The Laibon whistles (making a skill roll) and the victim must make his Courage Will roll better than she made her skill or retreat from the Laibon for 1 minute per point the roll was lost by. Even if the victim won the contest, she is uneasy and suffers -2 to any skill checks against the Laibon and the roll to avoid Frenzy is penalized one point.

Devil-Channel, Power 4
System: On a successful skill roll, the Laibon may activate one of the following abilities. The Laibon also suffers a one point penalty to avoid Frenzy.
Hand: Punches inflict aggravated damage.
Body: Any blood spent to increase Strength has double effect.
Throat: The Laibon may roar. Humans flee unless Courage is made better than the Laibon made her skill roll. Supernaturals become weak with terror (suffer Fear affects) unless they make their Courage roll better than the Laibon made her skill roll.
Feet: Kicks inflict aggravated damage.

These powers last for 1 minute per point the roll was made by.

The Laibon may also stomp the ground, causing a shockwave affecting everyone within 100 feet. Everyone must make a Dexterity roll (including the Laibon) to remain standing. The tremors continue as long as the Laibon treads or dances.

Taking the Skin, Power 5
System: The Laibon kills a creature and drenches herself in the creature's blood and make a successful Taking the Skin roll. This invites the spirit of the creature into herself and the player must then make a Frenzy check. The creature must be predatory or omnivorous. The Laibon then takes the physical form and characteristics of the creature. This may also be done with supernatural creatures, but none of the supernatural abilities transfer.

Predator's Mastery, Power 6
System: The Laibon uses her Beast to conquer another's Beast. Roll the skill versus the victim's Courage Will roll. If the roll succeeds, the creature will grudgingly obey the Laibon. This lasts until the Laibon relaxes her vigilance.


Sense the Sin, Power 1
System: The Baali makes a skill roll versus the target's Self Control Will roll. Success gives the Baali the victim's greatest (non-standard vampire) Disadvantage.

Fear of the Void Below, Power 2
System: After using Sense the Sin, the Baali then discusses the victim's eventual damnation in the afterlife, sending the victim into fits of terror. The victim's Courage Will Roll must defeat the Baali's Fear of the Void roll or descend into Rötschrek. If the Baali defeats the victim by 3 points or more, the target collapses in panic. This power lasts one minute per point the Baali made his Fear roll.

Flames of the Netherworld, Power 3
System: With a successful skill roll, taking into account any range penalties, the Baali may hurl balls of flame at their enemies. The Baali must spend Blood Points, each point adding 1d6 to the fireball. I.e. spending 2 BPs will create a 2d6 fireball that does aggravated damage.

Psychomachia, Power 4
System: The Baali can now use knowledge gained from Sense the Sin to coax their Beast to the surface with a successful Psychomachia roll. Depending on the weakness, the victim may have to roll Humanity or Willpower (modified by the severity of the guilt or weakness) to avoid Frenzy.

Curse, Power 5
System: The victim must make a Will roll that beats the Baali's Curse skill roll or one attribute of the Baali's choice drops to 3 for a duration depending on how well the Baali defeated the victim:
0-1 point One night
2-3 points One week
4-5 points One month
6-7 points One year
Critical success Permanently

Ignore the Searing Flames, Power 6
System: The character is no longer vulnerable to fire, nor are they subject to Rötschrek induced by fire.


Whispers to the Soul, Power 1
System: The Lamia whispers a name of the Dark Mother in the ear of her victim. The victim must make her Willpower roll by more than the amount the Lamia made her Whispers skill roll or be tormented by nightmares for one day and night per point the Lamia made her skill by.

Kiss of the Dark Mother, Power 2
System: The Lamia coats her lips with blood and does double the normal Bite damage to victims (which is aggravated).

Ichor, Power 3
System: The Lamia secretes a tainted version of one of the four humours below. This can be delivered via contact or via another person's drink. The victim must make a Health roll or be affected.
Phlegmatic: induces lethargy. -4 to all rolls for 10 minutes.
Melancholy: induces visions of death. Fails Willpower checks for 10 minutes.
Sanguine: excessive bleeding. Any cut or puncture bleeds out 2 additional Hits per turn.
Bilious: deadly toxin. The victim takes damage in Hits equal to the amount the Lamia made her skill roll by. Fortitude and Toughness will help against this damage.

Clutching the Shroud, Power 4
System: The Lamia drinks at least 5 points worth of Blood from a corpse, but gains no benefit from them as they are used in the power. She may then add +4 DR and ignore wound penalties for the 1 minute per point she made her skill by.

Black Breath, Power 5
System: The Lamia exhales the breath of the grave, using her Breath skill to hit her victims (who can dodge this as a ranged attack). Mortals caught in the breath must make the Willpower roll better than the Lamia made her Breath skill roll or they will immediately attempt suicide. Kindred must make the same roll, or sink into torpor just as if he had been forced into it from damage. If a victim makes the roll, they are still overcome by morbidity and all skill rolls are at -4. This will last for 1 minute per point the Lamia made her Breath skill roll.

Lilith's Summons, Power 6
System: The Lamia spits blood on her target. Spectres arrive within 10 minutes who will home in on the target.

Note: Any of these powers may be countered and reversed to affect the Infernalist if the victim realizes she is being affected and makes an Occult roll that defeats the Infernalist's roll. Additionally, the victim may flee to her Church or religion where an exorcism or blessing can free her from the curse.

Evil Eye, Power 1
System: A successful skill roll induces a mishap in the victim's life. For every point the skill roll is made by, the victim must add that to her next die roll.

Minor Curse, Power 2
System: Same system as above, but the power lasts for one hour.

Psalm of the Damned, Power 3
System: The infernalist chants strange psalms and with a successful skill roll, a victim will flee and keep fleeing as long as the chanting continues. If this ability is used on a group, a number of people equal to the amount the infernalist made his roll by (with a minimum of 1 person) will flee.

Barrenness, Power 4
System: A successful skill roll causes a mortal to become barren, unable to produce children. Vampires become unable to create childer. This effect is permanent unless exorcism is performed, high-level magic is used, or the caster is slain.

Greater Curse, Power 5
System: The target suffers night and day, and breaks out in boils and is shunned by others. The power does allow a victim to resist with a successful Will roll that beats the infernalist's skill roll. Whoever of the two looses is affected by the curse. This effect lasts up to one year, is unable to sleep comfortably (mortals suffer -1 to all skills), has the appearance of a leper, and inflicts all the effects of a minor curse. Vampires can resist the effects by spending an extra four Blood Points as they sleep each day.


Masque of Death, Power 1
System: The power works automatically if the Cappadocian is using it upon himself. Against another, the character must touch the victim and make a skill roll. The victim then looks cadaverous and suffers -4 to Dexterity and Appearance ratings. Vampires may spend two blood points to remove the effect. The power lasts until the next dawn or dusk.

Blight, Power 2
System: This power causes rapid aging in an opponent. The Cappadocian must touch his victim and make a Blight skill roll. The power causes the victim to suffer extreme old age, suffering -6 to all physical attributes. Furthermore, mortals risk heart attack if they attempt strenuous activity. Kindred, too, can be affected by this power -- just as if they had been Embraced at a very old age. Like Masque of Death, this power lasts until the next dawn or dusk.

Awaken, Power 3
System: This power is used to awaken himself or another vampire from torpor. After a successful skill roll, the recipient must then make a Will roll or Humanity roll (whichever is lower) to awaken. If the vampire was in torpor due to blood loss, she awakens with one Blood Point.

Death's Whisper, Power 4
System: The Cappadocian transforms himself truly into a corpse for a limited time. The corpse is not affected by the traditional banes of vampires: not sunlight, nor holy water can harm him. However, no Disciplines of any kind may be used. He is truly dead. No skill roll is required. This effect lasts depending on how well the skill roll was made:

0-1 points 1 night
2-3 points 3 nights
4-5 points one week
6-7 points one month
Critical success as long as the Cappadocian wishes.

Black Death, Power 5
System: The Cappadocian touches the victim and makes the skill roll. A mortal will experience an early death of the plague or some other horrible disease. The mortal will die within a day. A Cainite will enter torpor immediately if they do not make a Will roll better than the Cappadocian's skill roll.

Vogor Mortis, Power 6
System: The vampire feeds a corpse three Blood Points, which it does on its own after the first drop touches its lips. (Some corpses may try to continue feeding.) This zombie will function until it completely rots away (three nights hence). Meanwhile it has the same attributes and appears as it did at the time of creation except IQ which is at -1. The creation is bound to their masters and seldom exhibit free thought, however. The creature also gains 50% more Hit Points and do not suffer wound penalties. The duration of the creature's existence can be extended by feeding it more blood at the time of creation.


Consecrate the Grove, Power 1
System: Roll Consecrate skill. Success awakens the plant and soil spirits to attack those the druid designates. 2 Fatigue for minimal effect: 10 meter radius. Burn 2 more Fatigue to double the effect. May not burn more than 4 extra Fatigue. Geysers of earth, tree limbs, and tangling roots attack unwanteds. Victims subtract 4 from all dice rolls and must make successful Dodge rolls or take 2d6 damage every turn. This power lasts until the druid leaves the circle.

Crimson Woad, Power 2
System: Roll Crimson Woad skill. The Lhiannon must paint or inscribe runes upon her body. Each point she makes the roll by, she may ignore one point penalty due to wounds and may subtract one point from her roll for Frenzy an Rötschreck. Also, once per combat, the Lhiannon may make a Wrathful Strike; a brawling or melee attack. Every two success she made her Woad roll by adds another 1d6 to the damage of the attack. This power lasts one minute per point she made her skill roll by.

Inscribe the Curse, Power 3
System: Must know foe's True Name and inscribe it in runes upon her body in a place that can be seen by the victim. The victim must be able to read the runes. If she's a supernatural creature, the intended victim may roll Willpower or Occult skill vs. the druid's Curse skill to avoid the effects. Effect can be chosen by the druid:
Body. Renders foe impotent. A vampire may not use Blood.
Mind. Foe becomes addled or confused. Must make a Willpower roll -2 to use any IQ based skill.
Voice. Foe is made mute.
Soul. Foe is made susceptible to frenzy. Rolls to avoid frenzy are penalized by the amount the druid made her Curse skill.

This power lasts until the name is erased from the druid.

Moon and Sun, Power 4
System: The druid inscribes the symbols of sun or moon on herself or another. This power requires 15 minutes of time to complete and cannot be used in combat.
New Moon: +3 to Stealth skill.
Crescent Moon: +3 to Willpower.
Half Moon: +3 to Perception.
Gibbous Moon: +3 to all Social skills.
Full Moon: +1d6 to damage.

When using the Moon sigil, the druid's rolls to avoid Frenzy are penalized by +1 point. Any werewolf seeing such a sigil is automatically enraged. (So don't put it on your forehead, dummy!)

The Sun symbol grants the blessed one resistance to damage from fire or sunlight. The amount the roll was made by acts as DR versus this damage. This power lasts until the glyph is erased.

Dragon Lines, Power 5
System: The Lhiannon must be in an area of mystic ley lines reside. Every point she makes her Dragon Lines skill roll by gives her +4 to any skill she wishes to use in a single turn. Optionally, she may add +1d6 to her damage per point of success. The total power a site can give is 5 times it's level, and each +4 or +1d6 eats up one of these. The bonuses are not cumulative although the druid may continue draining at the same rate and using the granted power in succeeding turns. If all the power of the site is drained, it dies, and with it every plant and even the soil. If the site is only partially drained, at the GM's discretion, the site may regenerate itself over time.

Inscribe the Forgotten Names, Power 6
System: At this level the druid knows the names of ancient, powerful beasts and can summon them. On a successful roll, a unique and powerful mythic creature appears within 10 minutes (this will be on par with vozhd war ghouls or major demons). The Lhiannon will have to appease the uncontrolled monster (sacrificing children seems to work, but this could vary depending on the type of creature).


Strix, Power 1
System: The infernalist can call upon the night winds to transmit the words of anyone talking in the open air within one mile with a successful skill roll.

Scobax, Power 2
System: This power incites vermin to harass others, but do no real damage. The infernalist makes a skill roll, and depending on how well the roll was made a greater effect is had. Character's plagues by the vermin are at minus two to all skills.
0-1 points Vermin gather, but act normally
2-3 points Vermin swarm, concentrating on a single target
4-5 points The vermin swarm an area, attack everyone in it
6-7 points The vermin attack any designated targets
Critical Success The vermin swarm in a mad rage, biting and stinging
everyone in the vicinity

Masca, Power 3
System: The character must drink the blood of a natural animal and the she may take on its form for up to the rest of the night. She can't use her Disciplines, but does gain use of the creature's abilities for the night.

Hexe, Power 4
System: The infernalist curses a victim by spitting blood upon them. Each point by which the skill roll is made, does 3 points of aggravated damage and the victim twists and mutates painfully.

Fractura, Power 5
System: The infernalist may secrete blood to form six foot tentacles. They each have Strength and Dexterity scores of 18. A Tentacle can slash doing Swing cutting damage. Each has 12 Hit Points. Each point the infernalist makes her skill by creates one tentacle (with a minimum of one tentacle created), but each tentacle also requires one Blood Point to be spent in its creation. It lasts for one minute per point the roll was made by, and surviving tentacles can be re-absorbed, returning the lost Blood Points.


Sense Life/Death, Power 1
System: The Salubri must touch her target and make her Sense skill roll to see how close to death she is. For each point she made her roll by, she may ask the GM one question about the subject's health. This power will identify a ghoul with any amount of success.

Gift of Sleep, Power 2
System: The Salubri must touch her target. If the target is unwilling, the she must also make a Gift skill roll. The mortal victim must roll better on his Willpower roll than the Salubri rolled on her skill to defy the power of the Salubri, else fall into a normal pattern of rest (5 to 8 hours).

This power can not affect Kindred.

Healing Touch, Power 3
System: The vampire must lay hands on the target's wounds for this power to work. Then the vampire may heal other's wounds by spending 1 Blood Point for every 2 Hit Points the vampire wishes to heal. No Skill or Skill roll is needed, and it works on any creature.

Burning Touch, Power 3
System: Again, this is a touch-only power, and requires no Skill or Skill roll. The touch delivers excruciating pain to the victim for as long as the Salubri remains in contact with the victim.

Shepherd's Watch, Power 4
System: With a successful Watch skill roll, a barrier is razed. No one may come within 10 feet of the Salubri unless he drops the shield, or unless he makes his Will roll by 3 more points than the Salubri made his skill roll by. If the Salubri takes any offensive action, the barrier drops, but will otherwise last one night.

Ending the Watch, Power 4
System: This must be done only to a willing subject. The vampire places her hand on the subject's chest and the subject then falls into a deep sleep, then dies. The individual can never be Embraced or become a Wraith after this.

The Ailing Spirit, Power 5
System: The Salubri whispers and soothes her subject. Successfully rolling her Ailing Spirit skill cure the subject of one Derangement (Mental Disadvantage) of the Salubri's choice, except the Malkavian's one permanent Derangement. Even in the case of a Malkavian's permanent Derangement, a period of lucidity can be had. Critical failure means the Salubri has temporarily drawn the Derangement upon herself for a time up to the GM's discretion up to the length of a single night.

Warding the Beast, Power 6
System: With a successful skill roll, the Salubri draw the soul of another into herself while she does her healing work. She may release the soul back into the proper body at any time, but keeping the soul overlong is considered cruel. In this way, the Salubri may "heal" the subject's Humanity (or equivalent) one point for every two points she made her roll by. While the soul is within the Salubri, it is docile and peaceful. Should the body die while the soul is still within the Salubri, that person's soul instantly departs. The soul may resist this power by making a Will roll better than the Salubri made her skill roll.

Loving Agony, Power 6
System: The Salubri dispenses pain like Burning Touch, but its effect may remain after she has removed her hand. The effect lasts 10 minutes per point the Agony roll was made, but this power can be maintained. The power can also be used to cause physical damage at the rate of 1d6 per point the skill roll was made by. DR and Toughness does not help. Mortals must heal this damage normally, but weres and vampires injury disappears with the next sunset. This power may be used to induce Frenzy if damage equal to the victim's Hit Points is cause.

Safe Passage, Power 7
System: No skill is required for this power, as it is considered always "on". If someone is hunting for the Salubri to do it harm, then the must win a contest of Will rolls. If the Salubri wins, the Hunter's determination fades somewhat and her attempts to track the Salubri suffer a penalty equal to the amount the Salubr won the roll by. This penalty fades at the next sunset.

This power does not affect those who know well this Salubri.

Aversion, Power 7
System: After touching the target and making a skill roll, the target will soon find people will avoid him out of dislike. Other people can even be convinced to harm the target.

Purification, Power 8
System: This can be used to cleanse a person, place or thing. It can also be used against demonic possession. This requires only a skill roll if nothing resists. The resistor must make a Will roll better than the Salubri's Skill roll, but this battle is best role-played out. The power of Saulot compels thee!

All powers here are based on White Wolf's Vampire: The Dark Ages (which is their trademark). Conversions are designed for use in a GURPS™ game run locally. Although the conversions are mine, the use of the names are probably copyright White Wolf Publishing and is used here without express permission. This page is meant for use by the GM and players of a private game.

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