Lisette: The Twisted Toreador

by Edward Cupps and Dustin Evermore

Tambi waited at the door of the museum. Like a lot of Brujah, she was rather ambivilent toward Fianna, that is she couldn't care less about her. But, a job is a job and she let Fianna by and led her to the upstairs blue room... Lisette's office.

Sin opened the door. It was obvious that Tambi and Sin were at odds for some reason, for their greatings were muted at best. Sin looked Fianna over and said, "Well, if it isn't Roma's little lamb? How can we help you Fia? It is Fia, isn't it?"

"No need to be rude," Fianna retorted. "My name is Fianna, and I have a work I think may interest Lisette." Fianna carried a cloth-covered statue that bulged oddly in different directions. "Because of the level of detail, the utterly lifelike depiction and the subject matter, I thought of Lisette. In fact, I made it precisely for Lisette. I guarantee it is authentic, my own work, and absolutely in original Celtic style, gore and all. May I see her? I will wait if necessary."

"Rude?", said Saint, as she emerged from the left, "no my dear, it's just her way. Forgiveness is a virtue."

Sin, obviously enjoying the arrival of the guest said, "Tell you what, I'll try to find Liz. She may or may not like what you have there. Be right back." With a smile she steps past Fianna and leaves for the upper floors.

Saint invited Fianna inside. "Anything to drink?"

"Thank you, but I've already had my fill." Whether it was true or not, Fianna wasn't too certain about drinking blood offered by other people these days.

"I'm sorry I was so defensive with Sin," Fianna said. "It's just that in my day, lambs are what are used to sacrifice to the gods or slaughtered for kings. I'd do better if I could leave such ideas behind, I suppose."

After a while Lisette stepped in. She looked at Brianna's sculpture closely without even acknowledging Fianna other than a smile and a nod. Saint leaned over to Fianna and said, "While it's not in my taste, I think she likes it."

Lisette looked at Fianna. She smiled, tipped her head to one side and casually asked, "A gift Fianna? May I call you Fianna? Or are you looking for an exchange? It's a nice start. I'd love to see what you can do in a century or two."

"Yes, please do call me simply Fianna."

Lisette says, "I like it. It has a symmetry and feeling of purity of purpose and form. What do call it?"

"I call it 'The Spiral of Life'," Fianna told her. "And yes, I was looking for an exchange of sorts. You see I have discovered that while I have generous friends who have graciously given me gifts, I would like to be less dependent upon them. I was hoping you could offer money in exchange.

"Money?", Lisette says,"That can be arranged. A piece of this kind, especially of obsidian, is a rarity. I like your vision."

"I had also hoped that you might find value in the piece, especially since I have sacrificed the living for it."


"The birds are alive. Were alive, I mean. What was difficult about this is that it takes a massive amount of energy to convert two beings of flesh into stone and then mold it together to become something artistic, naturalistic, and also violent to reflect the role of nature in all things. I made it because I hoped that it would find a unique niche in your collections."

"Well, every young artist needs a patron. Tell you what. I like this piece. I'll give you $8,000 for it. For a first sale, that is phenominal. As you progress, I can help you more. Some purists would despise you for 'cheating' using your disciplines, but me, I think you are using your gift for originality. Will you accept cash?"

"Yes. Thank you Lisette," Fianna practically beamed. "I hope the imagery pleases you for years to come.

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