Nuyen, Part I

by Jason Monroe

With anger the young man tore into the woman’s throat, and released the vitae within to placate his growing thirst. His growls echoed throughout the alleyway drowning out the whimpers of the victim. Her body fell to the pavement, her final squirms sprayed the little amount of blood she had left onto the pavement.

“Whores… all of you are whores…”

Rebecca James lay dead in the 5th street alleyway.

Nuyen’s cellular phone rang, “This is Van Faulk.” He paused as he listened, the commotion around him faded away as his attention went to the person on the other end of the line. “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” He closed the phone and placed it in the inside pocket of his Armani suit.

Karl caught the glance from Nuyen from across the bar. He had known that look before and made his way to the exit to retrieve the car. Nuyen stepped over to the bar and leaned over the counter, “I am going out for a bit, if you need me you know the number.”

The bartender nodded in compliance and finished serving the attractive young woman sitting at the bar. She had noticed Nuyen, and looked at him, trying to get his attention.

“I’ll be back as quickly as possible.” He said as he tossed a playful smile at the girl.

He buttoned up his jacket as he walked out of the bar.

Parked straight in front of the door was a 2002 700 series BMW, clad in black, just like the man getting into it. Karl held the back passenger side door open as Nuyen lowered himself into the car. “Thanks Karl…”

“So where are we going tonight sir?” Asked Karl before he placed the car in gear.

“The alley behind Mr. Moola on 5th street, he has killed again.”

“Very well sir.”

As the car veered in and out of the maze of buildings and lights Nuyen thought to himself about the many implications of what these murders could mean. 3 women in as many nights, he knew if he didn’t get this solved soon the Prince would begin to doubt him. All the victims were woman, between the ages of 30-40, and all were left with their throats removed.

So far He was able to provide the police with enough disinformation to stop them from questioning, and his contacts in forensics where helping with that. The first two had been blamed on animal attacks, but Nuyen was sure that excuse would not fly this time.

“We have got to put this freak out of business soon Karl. I do not like looking like I can’t handle my job.” Nuyen thumbed the buttons on his coat as he rode along.

“Sir are you sure it is the same person, I mean couldn’t it be a group, or maybe a Were?”

“You make a god point, but I think it is a person, who for whatever reason, has developed a strong hatred of women. It seems to me that we have a serial murderer on our hands.”

“It could possibly be a Ventrue they have selective feeding habits that are easy to track. But they are such staunch advocates for the Masquerade and Camarilla that I highly doubt a rogue Ventrue.”

The car pulled up to the scene, the street was flooded with activity. Reporters and on lookers vied for position to catch a glimpse of what had happened, but till this point the police were holding them off. Nuyen stepped out of the car and walked towards the police tape.

“You’re going to have to hold it there sir.” The young officer voiced at Nuyen with a shaken sense of strength.

“I am a consultant with the forensics department. My name is Dr. Van Faulk, if you have to reference talk to Paul Wellstone…” Nuyen shooed him away with a glance, “Go ahead I can wait.”

The officer turned on command and went to find Dr. Wellstone.

Within minutes the officer and an older gentleman, in his forties, approached Nuyen.

“I am glad you are here. It seems our animal problem may be growing.” Stated Wellstone.

The two walked towards the body that lay sprawled out on the soggy pavement. Nuyen began surveying the scene and reached deep into his blood and tapped into the preternatural powers he had been given. With the gifts of Cain he was able to see and smell far better than any other creature present, save the rats he smelled operating in the sewers below him.

Even at a quick glance Nuyen could see that the killer was the same as the others. He grew slightly angry.

“You know Faulk, the department wont take “animal attack” for much longer. An investigation is going to have to be opened.”

Those were the words that Nuyen had feared since the phone call; he did not want this to get to that level.

“Yeah I hear ya.”

Nuyen knelt down and stared at the wound, he imagined how painful it must have been for this person. The embrace can be very pleasant, but in cases where the vampire wants it to be it can be very painful.

“Whoever this is hates women, to be this up close and personal while committing such an act lends me to believe there is some personal connection to the act.”

Wellstone looked at Nuyen, “Are you sure your background is in pathology? You sure sound a lot like a detective.”

“We are the new brand of detectives my friend. Excuse me, I need to make a call.”

Nuyen stepped away from the body and dug into his suit to retrieve his phone. He dialed and stood impatiently waiting for an answer.

Karl stood outside of the car committing faces to memory as he scanned the crowd for oddities. Karl was well schooled in the art of noticing things; in fact his abilities rivaled the supernatural skills his master possessed. It was a distinct possibility that the suspect was in the crowd surveying his work, and it was Karl’s job to make sure that he was there in case they were. Nothing out of the ordinary, people with nothing better to do than gawk at the personal pain of another. “Fucking Cockroaches” He thought to himself. Karl truly hated people; that is why he was so good at what he does. He is a trained killer.

He watched as Nuyen spoke on the phone.

“Yes, I need a pick up crew at 5th street. It is very important, I need to perform some tests on the body, or he will keep killing.” Nuyen’s face became grim and he snapped back “If you give me this pick up crew I will be able to do my job. Thank you… Good bye.”

He snapped the phone closed, the call was exactly how he had imagined. The seneschal had a job to do as well, but Nuyen wouldn’t request anything unless it was absolutely necessary. He was beginning to grasp at straws the evidence was hard to come by. Even if the kills were not very clean, the surrounding area left no trace of lead or possibility.

Nuyen was going to have to utilize the gifts of a group of people that he didn’t rightly trust. But then again Nuyen really didn’t trust anyone. If he could get the body to the Tremere they might be able to help him.

An ambulance arrived at the scene, and right away Nuyen knew they were thralls. He had recognized them from some of the clean ups needed in the past, and he was glad they were here.

“I am going to perform an initial autopsy on Mrs. James. Once I have completed I will send her to St. Johns with a complete report.”

Paul looked up at Nuyen with a quizzical look. “Well, ok bud, you sure you don’t want to just consult on this one?”

The body was beginning to be loaded as Nuyen replied. “This has gotten a bit out of hand, and I have a vested interest in this. I’ll be honest I need to get this taken care of or it could be my job, just let me take a look at her.”

Nuyen was always a good actor. “Sure no problem, if you need anything let me know. You’ll figure it out don’t worry.”

Nuyen smiled, and made his way back to his car.

“Karl we are going to the Chantry, be alert.”

“Very well sir.”

Nuyen stood in a chamber, being made to wait longer than he thought necessary, but that was the way of the Tremere. With the gifts that flowed with in them, it was hard to not be aloof. These vampires were able to manipulate the magical forces of the ether and beyond, and Nuyen needed them. He sat tapping his fingers on the table that filled the center of the room. He hated being made to wait, be he knew that was the exact reason why he was made to, ah how he disliked the Tremere.

The door burst open. “Well Dr. Van Faulk what a pleasure. We always so glad when you bring a dead body to our Chantry.”

“Trust me Roma, I wouldn’t be here if weren’t important. This one is a serial murder and he is risking the Masquerade.” Nuyen responded by cutting to the heart of the matter. He knew that it was best to not beat around the bush with these people.

“I am having difficulty with tracking this one, he tears apart the victim and leaves them for the world to see.” Nuyen stretched, a natural but unnecessary movement to someone who is dead. “But, he never leaves anything around the scene, it is like he isn’t just murdering the woman, but he is trying to murder the Masquerade.”

Nuyen knew that even if the Tremere didn’t want to help him, they would help protect the Masquerade.

“What do you need of us?”

“I would like someone to commune with the body and tell me what they can find out. She has only been dead for a short amount of time, if that helps.”

“Very well, we will see what we can see.” Roma turned and moved to the door, she then turned and smiled. “Wait here.”

“She always has the final word,” Nuyen thought. So he sat and waited, for hours it seemed, but the hand on his watch barely made any progress. After about an hour and a half the door opened once more and Geoffrey Eisen stepped in.

“I have collected what I could from the remains, it was not easy. But in the interests of the Camarilla and the Masquerade we were glad to be of help, Scourge.” He moved toward Nuyen, smooth, like smoke over glass. “Come here and do not resist, I will show you what you need to see.”

Nuyen stood wearily and spoke. “In no way do I give you permission to read my thoughts, and if that occurs I will take it as a breach in hospitality.”

Geoffrey smiled “Ah the curse that flows in your veins breeds much paranoia. Have no fear most of my power will be needed to send the images and feelings to you, let alone steal them from you mind. I am weak enough as it is.”

Nuyen still would not put out his hand.

“This is my promise to you Nuyen Van Faulk.”

“Let’s get this over with.”

Geoffrey grabbed Nuyen's wrist and squeezed and he began to mutter ancient words long since dead. Nuyen began to feel as if his soul was being transplanted into her form. It was like living a movie, he knew that he was safe, but it was also terrifying living her memories.

He felt himself, as her, walking door the sidewalk after pawning a bracelet at Mr. Moola, when a sound came from behind. A force from behind grabbed her and dragged her toward the alleyway; she clawed at the brick that housed the building she was just in. Nuyen felt her panic and all the thoughts that wear running through her mind. It was a horrible experience, but he needed this evidence.

Finally her position shifted enough to where Nuyen could get a look at the assailant. He was furious looking creature, with long hair matted and dirty, and also wore a beard around his mouth. Its eyes filled with fire and teeth were elongated to flay the flesh as needed. This was a fierce looking kine, but Nuyen did not scare easily, anymore.

He forced his hand out of Geoffrey’s “That’s enough!! I got what I needed.”

It was known that Nuyen was excellent at committing things to memory and if he had seen what he needed he would be able to recall it with ease. Nuyen knew now who he looked for and that was all the advantage he needed. Now it was time for the investigator to do his job, and this part of the job was always his favorite.

“Thank You Geoffrey, The Prince and the City thank you.” Nuyen started to move to the door.

“Very well Nuyen. Do you have any orders for the body?”

“The ambulance drivers have all the information needed, they will be taking the body to the proper authorities. Once again… thank you.”

Karl was still standing out side the car when Nuyen came through the door of the Chantry. He looked tired and bored.

“I am sorry Karl, but the Tremere do not allow ghouls with in the confines of the Chantry.”

“I know sir, I have just been watching things.”

“Well that is part of what you do so well.” Nuyen smiled as he sat down in the back of the car.

“We have a face to go with crimes now, so now the hunt begins.”

They drove back the Van Faulk manse where Nuyen needed to complete some paperwork, in order to gain his information. He generated a stack of papers that had a picture of the suspect on them and he instructed Karl to had them to the anarchs, and caitiff in the city. The fliers were simple, a picture and a phone number, but they would serve their purpose.

Nuyen had used this tactic before and had learned that the clanless and untrustworthy always seemed to be willing to turn another in for cash or prestige. Nuyen like to refer to them in private as the “simpletons”. He knew it would be soon when the calls would come in.

He also sent off a call to the Nos in the city. He thought of how quaint they were, the little information brokers. They had a lot to learn from their brethren in Chicago, but these Nos were coming along, and Nuyen was glad that he could count on them.

Calls had been coming in, most of them pranks or useless information, but finally, around sunrise the call he had been waiting for came in. It was from the primogen of the Nosferatu, he was a bit odd, but he was truthful.

He stated that this kine had been seen squatting in a vacant building near the city’s zoo. He has been seen there for that last 4-5 nights and seems to return there every night before dawn. Nuyen was glad with this turn of events and thank him for the news.

“Karl, try and get much rest tomorrow, for as early as I can muster we are going to take him out before we can kill again.”

“As you wish.”

Nuyen arose the next evening thirsty for blood and for justice. He did not like the prospect of someone abusing the Princes established hunting grounds and risking the Masquerade. He went and bathed while sipping on a wonderful 19 year old. He was taking it all in, because it may be his last, but he knew with the help of Karl his chances for success were high. He dressed himself, appearance was very important when representing the city, and was pleased with what he saw in the mirror.

He rode the elevator up to the main floor where Karl was waiting with the equipment they would be need for that evening. He handed Nuyen his com-set, “The usual frequency sir?”

“No let’s switch to frequency 230 kHz, have to always keep changing, don’t want any patterns to arise. The reason this jackass is getting caught is cause of his pattern.” Nuyen laughed quietly as he placed the com-set into position. “In the end everyone is predictable, it just takes time to find their pattern.”

Nuyen checked the magazines for both of his Uzi’s and placed them in their custom-made leather shoulder holsters. He topped off the clip for his Luger and looked at Karl. “I have always been fond of these weapons, ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Nuyen burst out laughing.

“Let’s go get this fuck.”

Karl picked up his crossbow and quiver full of stakes and said “After you sir.”

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