The secrets of the Ogham power are only found among the Leanan bloodline; they do not share its secrets with those who do not suffer their line's curse. When a neophyte vampire is inducted into this arcane sub-race of the Gangrel, a special ritual is conducted, imbuing their vampiric blood with the power of a Fey spirit. Usually, this requires a ritual blood sacrifice on the part of an elder Leanan Sidhe as the spirit and blood from this elder is transferred via a special ritual to the neophyte. This costs the elder 10 Vitae. Once the neophyte has undergone the ritual, the fey power inside them will grow with their mastery of the mystic Ogham techniques.

The ritual binding of this fey spirit to the vampire's very Vitae means that any use of the Ogham power is extremely personal. The power of Ogham is therefore bound to the individual's soul and inner Beast. No Leanan Sidhe would use Ogham casually.

The Discipline of Ogham is a lesser form of blood magic similar in nature to the special mystical power, Cruac, and concentrates similarly on the use of Vitae to create mystical effects.


• Consecrate the Grove

The power in the Leanan Sidhe's blood may cause spirits inhabiting the land such as rocks, grasses, shrubs, and trees, to come to life and even animate in defense of the invoking Leanan Sidhe. Vitae must be ritually sacrificed in an obvious way, such as opening a wound in one's arm and throwing the blood upon the ground.

System: The invoker spends 1 to 3 points of Vitae. 1 point affects a 10-foot diameter, 2 points affect a 20-foot diameter, and 3 points makes that diameter 40 feet. Tracing the area requires one Turn per blood point spent.

The player makes a Manipulation + Occult + Ogham roll. Even 1 success causes this power to activate, rousing local spirits inhabiting plants and land to action. Enemies suffer a –2 to all dice pools while remaining in the affected area. In addition, the local flora attacks enemies with a total attack dice pool of 3. (Defense reduces this as normal, possibly reducing this to but a wild chance, but a dramatic failure has no special effect.)


•• Crimson Woad

By tracing arcane runes or script upon their bodies, a Leanan Sidhecan awaken spirits of war to imbue her with power. She may also use the power to lash out in a single, vicious strike.

System: The character spends 1 point of Vitae in the runes and script traced upon her body. This takes one entire scene. She then makes a Manipulation + Occult + Ogham roll. Each success allows her to ignore one die of wound penalties due to injuries.

The Leanan Sidhe may also lash out at her enemies, adding the fury of the Woad to her attack. The player may add the number of successes achieved on the above roll to the number of dice in her Attack Dice Pool for one single attack. The sigils of the Woad, however, may be applied several times, each time requiring an entire scene to scribe. No more than 3 applications of Crimson Woad may be made, however.


••• Moon and Sun

The Leanan Sidhe may scribe symbols of the sun or moon to draw protection from the spirits of these entities. The spirit of the Sun will provide some protection from that hellishly bright orb, while the spirit of the Moon will bestow powers and blessings upon her, or a blessed recipient.

System: The character spends three Vitae. She must then spent 15 minutes scribing the complicated symbol somewhere on her body, though it must be in a place exposed to sight. She may scribe both symbols to gain all the benefit, if she so chooses.

The Sun symbol protects the vampire from the worst effects of sunlight and fire. The number of successes gained from the Manipulation + Occult + Ogham roll is the equivalent Resilience she gains versus aggravated damage from either of these sources.

The moon symbol reduces the characters dice pool to resist Frenzy (but not those tests inspired by fear). It grants bonuses depending on the phase of the moon:

New Moon: +1 die to Dexterity and Stealth pools.

Crescent Moon: +1 die to Wits and Occult pools.

Half Moon: +1 die to Manipulation and Subterfuge pools.

Gibbous Moon: +1 die to Presence and Expression pools.

Full Moon: +1 die to Strength and Brawl pools.


•••• Dragon Lines

The fey spirit within the Leanan Sidhe is drawn to mystical sites such as stone circles, fairy rings, ley lines, and other such places of power. The hungry vampire-spirit in her blood can draw the power from the earth itself to augment the Leanan Sidhe invoker. However, drawing too much power from the earth can render it lifeless. Since werewolf, mages, and other such people frequent these types of sites, destroying such places can draw their attention - and their fury.

System: Roll Wits + Occult. A success results in the Leanan Sidhe gaining the knowledge of whether a given location is a suitable site (a decision usually left to the Storyteller). Two success or more will allow the Leanan Sidhe to guess the site's general power level on a scale of one to five.

If the site is contains power she can drain, she can then spend a scene marking the site with traces of her blood (1 Vitae, total). Once this is done, the character makes another test reflexively (Manipulation + Occult + Ogham). Successes beyond the power level of the site are ignored. Each success grants the Leanan +2 dice to use on any dice pool (except to avoid Rötschrek or frenzy) for the rest of the scene. The dice are gone when used, but the Leanan may (reflexively) draw from the site again from turn to turn.

However, the deep drinks of the Earth's mystical life force drains. The site can grant a total of 10 x power level of the site bonus dice. After that, the site is drained absolutely dry and is magically dead. The immediate area will rapidly become a barren wasteland incapable of sustaining life for many years. If the site has not been drained completely, it will slowly regain its energy over a period of years, recuperating a number of points equal to its power level, each year. However, if Dragon Lines is used again in a particular year, the site will not recover any power at all that year.


••••• Forbidden Curses

The Leanan Sidhe etches the name of her victim into her skin. This is usually done in some language or symbol sacred to the Leanan, and requires the expenditure of 3 Vitae. When the target of the curse sees it, baleful spirits are called forth and bound to the victim.

System: The character spends 3 Vitae, writing the victim's name with it upon her body. The location of the name determines the kind of curse. When the victims sees the curse (and provided they can read the language), they may attempt to resist the Leanan's Presence + Occult + Ogham roll with a Wits + Occult roll.

The curse expires when the glyph is erased, defaced when the Leanan takes more than 4 health levels of Lethal damage, or when the Duration is reached (which is dependent upon the number of successes of the Leanan's Manipulation + Occult + Ogham roll).

1 successTwo turns
2 successesOne hour or scene
3 successesOne day
4 successesOne month
5+ successesOne year or indefinitely

Body:Inscribe the name on arms, legs, or belly. The victim becomes physically weak, suffering –2 to all Physical dice pools. Wound penalties are increased by one die. If the victim is a vampire, the effect is more serious; they are instead struck incapable of spending Vitae until the next sunset, or until the curse has been lifted, whichever comes first.

Mind: The name is inscribed across the forehead. The victim becomes befuddled, unable to make any Mental skill rolls, magical abilities, or Disciplines without spending 1 Willpower first. This does not grant extra dice to those pools, the spent Willpower only allows the victim to make a roll.

Voice: The name is inscribed across the throat. The victim then loses the ability to communicate by voice; they may only grunt and groan.

Soul: Inscribe the name down the sternum and across the heart. The victim's ability to resist the Beast is hampered; reduce dice pools to resist frenzy (whatever the cause), by 2. Non-vampires gain Composure as a defense to this power, but if the Curse succeeds, they are overcome by fear and must flee the Leanan's territory unless a successful Composure roll is made.

Ogham Devotions

The Crawling Earth

(Ogham •, Cruac •••)

By sprinkling Vitae about an area chosen by the vampire and enacting a blood ritual combinging the power of Ogham with the control of Cruac, a Leanan Side can cause the earth to dissolve, crumble and fade away from a space of her own choosing. While this effect normally only covers earth – soil but including small loose rocks, roots, and other plant life, the vampire may also move stone or artificial stone derivatives such as asphalt and concrete by spending more Vitae.

Cost: 2 Vitae or 4 Vitae

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Cruac

Action: Extended. The number of success determines the amount of earth moved.

The number of successes rolled dictates the amount of earth that moves away, according to the vampire's will. Use half this value if rock or rock-like derivatives are being formed instead.

1 success1 cu. yard (for instance 1 yard x 1 yard x 1 yard)
2 successes2 cu. yard (for instance 1 yard x 2 yards x 1 yard)
3 successes10 cu. yard (for instance a crypt 2 yards x 2 yards x 2.5 yards)
4 successes50 cu. yard (for instance a tunnel 3 yards x 3 yards x 2.5 yards)
5+ successes250 cu. yard (for instance a tunnel 3 yards x 5.5 yards x 2.5 yards high, or a chamber 4 yards x 5 yards x 2.5 yards high)

This effect lasts one scene. To make the effect permanent, the player must spend one Willpower point. Like most powers, a character may specify a particular size by sacrificing dice from her pool.

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