GVtM = GURPS Vampire: The Masquerade
GM2 = GURPS Magic 2nd Edition
GG = GURPS Grimoire
GVC = GURPS Vampire Companion

Thaumaturgy Reference Guide:

The Path of Blood:
A Taste for Blood: As per GVtM 109.
•• Blood Rage: As per GVtM 109.
••• Blood of Potency: As per GVtM 110.
•••• Theft of Vitae: As per GVtM 110.
••••• Cauldron of Blood: As per GVtM 110.

Path of Conjuring:
Note: No object created may exceed the size and mass of the Kindred creating it.

Summon the Simple Form: Based on Create Object as per GM2 52. Here is the conversion:
Create a simple inanimate object without moving parts or complex compounds.
Duration: Until the caster is no longer in contact with the object.
Cost: 2 per 5 lbs.
Time to Cast: 2 rounds per 5 lbs.
Prerequisite: Magery 1.

•• Permanency:
Makes the summoned object permanently real.
Cost: 6 per 5 lbs.
Prerequisite: Summon the Simple Form

••• Magic of the Smith
The Kindred makes complex objects now, that also are permanently real. The GM may require skill rolls in addition to the spell roll. For instance, creating an electronic pass-key may require the Kindred have knowledge in cryptography and electronics.
Cost: 10 per 5 lbs
Time to Cast: 2 rounds per 5 lbs.
Prerequisite: Permanency, Magery 2

•••• Reverse Conjuration: Based on Dispel Creation as per GM2 53. Here is the conversion:
Destroys any magically made object. The caster may have to roll multiple times against skill rolls the original creator made in making the object. Thus, if it took two skill rolls and the spell roll, then to destroy it a caster must beat all three rolls with three rolls of this spell.
Cost: 1
Prerequisite: Magic of the Smith

••••• Power Over Life: Based on Create Servant as per GM2 52.
The caster creates a simulacra of a living creature or person. These beings lack any free will, simply following whatever orders its creator gives it.
Duration: 1 week
Cost: 20
Time to Cast: 5 rounds
Prerequisite: Reverse Conjuration, Magery 3

The Path of Corruption
The thaumaturge may interrupt a victim's thoughts and reverse their intended course of action. To resist the victim must make a Will roll at a penalty equal to the amount the thaumaturge made his spell roll. If made by 2, the subject realizes she is being influenced. If made by 3, she will know who is influencing her. If made by 4, she hesitates, neither performing her original action, nor reversing it. If made by 5, she can ignore the influence.
Cost: 2
Time to cast: 5 rounds
Prerequisite: Magery 1

•• Subvert
This spell requires eye contact. A contest of skill versus victim's Will is made. If the caster succeeds, refer to the following chart for the period of time the victim must follow a repressed, shameful desire.

Made by Duration
1 5 minutes
2 1 hour
3 1 night
4 3 nights
5 1 week

Cost: 4
Prerequisite: Contradict

••• Dissociate
The thaumaturge must touch the target. Again, a contest of skill versus the victim's Will is made. If the victim looses, she suffers -9 to all social skills for the duration of the effect.

Mady by Duration
1 5 minutes
2 1 hour
3 1 night
4 3 nights
5 1 week

Cost: 6
Prerequisite Magery 2, Subvert

•••• Addiction
The Warlock exposes the victim to some substance or sensation or action she wants her victim to be addicted to, then touches her target. The victim may resist with Willpower: Self Control -3 (but must still score better than the Warlock). Failure incurs an instant addiction to the substance provided by the Warlock. The subject suffers the full-blown Disad and must get his fix at least once per night. To break the addiction before the duration is up, the subject must score a successful Will check at a penalty equal to the amount the Warlock made her roll by, on three successive nights.
Duration: 4 weeks
Time to Cast: 4 rounds
Cost: 8
Prerequisites: Dissociate

••••• Dependence
This spell ties the victim's soul to the Warlock's own, instilling feelins similar to heavy depression in the victim when they are not in the Warlock's presence. The Warlock must simply enter the victim into a conversation to enact this power. The victim must make a Will roll better than the Warlock's roll to avoid the affects. The victim does not necessarily feel any better about the Warlock, but she is psychologically addicted to being in the Warlock's presence. She suffers -2 to all IQ based skills when not in the Warlock's presence. In addition, the victim suffers -4 Will or skills to all attempts to resist the Warlock's powers. The bonding lasts one night for every point the Warlock makes his skill roll.
Duration: Varies
Time to Cast: 1 minute (conversation)
Cost: 8
Prerequisites: Dissociate, Magery 3

The Green Path
Herbal Wisdom
Allows a thaumaturge to commune with a plant's spirit in order to gain information. What information is gathered depends on how well the roll to cast the spell was made. Observe the following chart:

Made by Result
0-1 Fleeting impressions
2 A couple clear impressions
3 Concise answers a simple query
4 Detailed response to multiple questions
5 All the plant's knowledge on a subject

Cost: 3
Prerequisites: Magery 1

•• Speed the Season's Passing: Based on Plant Growth as per GM2 75.
This spell can also speed the growth of trees (where the Plant Growth spell cannot). This happens in a matter of minutes, and ages the plants significantly. It can even age and disintegrate dead wood, although the roll must be made by three to creat this effect.
Duration: 1 minute
Cost: 3, 2 to maintain (continued use of the power can cause plants to die of old age)
Prerequisites: The Green Path

••• Dance of Vines: Tangle Growth as per GM2 76.
Prerequisites: Speed the Season's Passing

•••• Verdant Haven
The thaumaturge weaves a temporary shelter from available vegetation. It is dense enough even to block sunlight, although it is obviously unnatural-looking. Anyone not invited must make a Will roll better than the casting roll to enter.
Duration: until next sunset
Cost: 4
Prerequisites: Dance of Vines

••••• Awaken the Forest Giants: Animate Plants as per GM2 76.
Prerequisites: Verdant Haven

Hands of Destruction (Sabbat Path)
Decay: Based on Decay as per GM2 48.
This spell ages an item 10 years per minute the vampire touches it. Obviously, food will rot in moments. It only affects objects that can be affected by time.
Cost: 2
Time to Cast: 1 minute per 10 years of effect.
Prerequisite: Magery 1

•• Gnarl Wood: Based on Shape Plant as per GM2 75.
This spell warps and bends wooden objects, rendering them utterly useless. No physical contact is necessary to activate this power. Multiple objects may be affected at once so long as they are in neighboring hexes.
Cost: 2 per 50 lbs affected
Prerequisite: Decay

••• Acidic Touch: Based on Acid Spells as per GG 36.
The thaumaturge converts her blood into acid and secrets it through any part of the skin. The thaumaturge is immune to the effect. The acid does an additional 1d6-3 per Blood Point spent in hand to hand combat, but the acid will do the same damage to materials as it will living tissue. Remember this is aggravated damage to vampires and werewolves.
Cost: 2 + 1 Blood Point per +1d6-3 acid damage
Prerequisite: Decay, Magery 2

•••• Atrophy: As per Wither Limb in GM2 27 except the Prerequisite is Acidic Touch.

••••• Turn to Dust: Based on Decay as per GM2 48.
The thaumaturge must touch the victim, who ages 10 years for every point the thaumaturge beat his skill roll by. However, if the victim makes his Health roll better than the thaumaturge makes his spell skill roll, she will not be affected at all. This spell has no effect on the undead (they're immortal).
Cost: 1
Prerequisite: Atrophy, Magery 3.

Path of the Levinbolt
Spark: Based on Shocking Touch as per GG 27.
The thaumaturge may build up a small charge and deliver it by touch (1d6 damage).
Cost: 1
Prerequisites: Magery 1

•• Illuminate: As above, except that the spell lasts for one round per point the skill roll was made. It also does 2d6 of damage if unleashed against something. Otherwise, it can also be used to power electric devices for the duration. The electrical power manifests as arcing sparks, which may be localized to any part of the body the thaumaturge likes.
Duration: 1 round per point of success
Cost: 2
Prerequisites: Spark

••• Power Array: As above, but the spellcaster may now unleash 3d6 of electrical damage, so long as the target is touched, or is touch an item that will conduct the electricity. Larger devices may also now be powered. As an additional bonus, the thaumaturge may also use this spell to harmlessly conduct electricity away from himself.
Duration: 1 round per point of success
Cost: 2
Prerequisites: Magery 2, Illuminate

•••• Zeus' Fury: Based on Lightning as per GM 36.
The thaumaturge may fire up to 5d6 of lightning bolts at one or more targets (not exceeding a total of 5d6 damage in a single round). It has the same stats as Lightning: SS 13, Acc +3, 1/2D 50, Max 100. Although it is possible the power could last several rounds, the amount of damage it can do is cumulative. For instance, if a character made his skill roll by 3, then he could harness Zeus' Fury for up to three rounds. However, if he used 2d6 the first round, and 3d6 the second round, there is no power left for the third round. He would have to cast the spell again to gain another 5d6 of effect.
Duration: 1 round per point of success
Cost: 1 to 5 (one per die of effect)
Prerequisites: Power Array

••••• Eye of the Storm: Based on Body of Lightning as per GG 29 and Zeus Fury.
The thaumaturge converts his body to lightning and gains a pool of 7d6 of electrical damage to use. This drains away at a rate of 1d6 per two rounds and when there is no more power in the pool, the effect ends. In addition, the thaumaturge appears painfully bright for onlookers. Being who touch the thaumaturge suffer 1d6 automatically, and this does not reduce the total electrical pool of the thaumaturge.
Duration: up to 14 rounds.
Cost: 7
Prerequisites: Magery 3, Zeus' Fury

The Lure of Flames:
• to ••••• : Ignite Fire and Create Fire as per GVtM 111-112.

Movement of the Mind:
• to ••••• : Apportation as per GVtM 112.

Neptune's Might
Eyes of the Sea
The thaumaturge may peer into water and view events that happened on or near it. Refer to the following chart:

Made by Range of Effect
0-1 1 day
2 1 week
3 1 month
4 1 year
5 1 decade

Cost: 2
Prerequisite: Magery 1

•• Prison of Water
The thaumaturge animates water to use to chain or imprison a subject. The victim must make a ST roll at -2 better than the caster's roll to break free. Requires available water to animate.

Cost: 3
Prerequisite: Eyes of the Sea

••• Blood to Water
The thaumaturge must touch his victim. For each point the roll is made, the victim loses one blood point (minimum of one blood point converted). Even one point of blood turned to water in a mortal is enough to kill in minutes. Vampires also take 1d6 Hits for every 2 points the roll was made.
Cost: 4
Prerequisites: Magery 2, Prison of Water

•••• Flowing Wall
The thaumaturge must touch the surface of the water body and then it will animate into a nearly impassible barrier (it can still be flown over). Each point the roll was made by grants 10 feet of barrier in one dimension. Must be formed in a straight line. To pass the barrier, a being must make three successful Will rolls at -3.
Duration: Until sunrise
Cost: 6
Prerequisite: Blood to Water

••••• Dehydrate: based on Dehydrate as per GM2 39.
As per the spell, but the thaumaturge may do up to 5d6-5 hits. It may also be cast in a single round. Note that armor does not protect against this spell.
Cost: 1 per 1d6-1 damage done
Prerequisite: Flowing Wall

Path of Shadowcrafting
Out Light:
The effect of this spell depends on how well the thaumaturge rolls his skill.
Roll made by Effect on light source
1 momentary flicker
2 pronounced guttering
3 source is reduced to dim light for 2 rounds
4 light source black out completely for 2 rounds
5+ Totally extinguished.
Cost: 1
Prerequisites: Magery 1

•• Shadow Taunt: As per Shape Darkness in GM2 58.
Prerequisites: Out Light

••• Coruscating Shadow: As per Darkness in GM2 58.
Prerequisites: Shadow Taunt

•••• Night's Veil: As per Darkness in GM2 58. It can be used during the day to shield from the sun.

••••• Abyssal Pact: Based on Phantom in GM2 57.
This power creates life-sucking shades which will attack the intended target. Both caster and target must be within shadow at casting time. The shades can do 1d6 damage for every two points the skill roll is made (up to 4d6). On a failure, the shades will attack the thaumaturge for 3d6 damage. The caster must roll his skill in the spell to control the attacks of the shades each round.
Cost: 6, 3 to maintain
Prerequisites: Magery 2, Night's Veil

Spirit Manipulation
Hermetic Sight: As per Sense Spirit in GM2 72.
Prerequisite: Magery 1

•• Astral Cant
Allows the thaumaturge to speak with spirits normally incomprehensible to mortals. The amount the skill roll is made determines the effect.

Made by Effect
0-1 Simple words and phrases are understood.
2 Simple sentences are understood
3 Fluent conversations
4 Complex issues may be discussed
5 Even obscure concepts and forms of humor are understood.

Duration: Conversation
Cost: 4
Prerequisite: Hermetic Sight

••• Voice of Command
The target must roll a better Will roll than the thaumaturge's spell skill roll to avoid the Command.

Caster Effect
Critically failed roll Spirit is immune to the caster's commands for the night.
Spirit won the roll Spirit is unaffected. All further attempts to Command are
penalized one point.
made by 1 Spirit obeys a simple command
made by 2 Spirit obeys a straightforward command it is not averse
to doing.
made by 3 Spirit obeys a moderately complex command that is not
against its ethics.
made by 4 Spirit consents to an extended task that does not place
it in immediate danger.
made by 5 Spirit accepts lengthy or nearly impossible task.

Note some spirits may trick casters into thinking they are controlling the spirit in order to betray or harm the caster later.
Duration: Varies
Cost: 6
Prerequisites: Magery 2, Astral Cant

•••• Entrap Ephemera
The thaumaturge traps a spirit in an object to create a fetish. The amount the roll is made by determines the power of the fetish. To activate the fetish, the thaumaturge must make his Will roll with a penalty equal to the power of the fetish. Critical failure destroys the object and sets the spirit free. Refer to Werewolf for more details on Fetishes.
Duration: Permanent?
Cost: 8
Prerequisite: Voice of Command

••••• Duality
The thaumaturge exists in the physical and spirit world at once, able to interact with both, and move objects and beings from one world to the other. Thaumaturgy and Disciplines may also be used in either world.

Made by Duration
0-1 1 round
2 3 rounds
3 10 rounds (2 minutes)
4 10 minutes
5 1 hour

Critical failure tears the caster out of the physical world and traps him in the spirit realm.

Duration: Varies
Cost: 10
Prerequisite: Entrap Ephemera, Magery 3

The Path of Technomancy
Analyze: as per Reveal Function in GG 96.
Prerequisite: Magery 1.

•• Burnout
The Warlock may cause a device's power supply to surge, damaging or destroying the target equipment. The power may be used at a range of up to 40 yards, but if she is not touching the device, it is more difficult for the Warlock to affect the device (-1 to the skill). Very large or powerful equipment may incur a -1 to -4 difficulty modifier to the the Warlock's skill.

Roll made by Result
0-1 Momentarily pauses (one round)
2 Loss of function. +1 to skill rolls when attempting to
use device.
3 Device breaks. Must be repaired
4 Broken and even if repaired it suffers loss of function
as above.
5 Completely destroyed. Can't be fixed.

Cost: 4
Prerequisite: Analyze

••• Encrypt/Decrypt
The thaumaturge touches the device or data storage to be encrypted. Number of point the skill roll is made by determines the penalty applied to anyone trying to decrypt the information. A Warlock can automatically decrypt her own data.
Duration: Permanent
Cost: 6
Prerequisites: Burnout, Magery 2.

•••• Remote Access
Used on any electronic device in line of sight. The Warlock may then remotely control it as long as it remains in sight. If the device is destroyed while the Warlock is still controlling it, the Warlock suffers 3d6 Hits of non-aggravated damage.
Duration: concentration
Cost: 8
Prerequisite: Encryp/Decrypt

••••• Telecommute
The thaumaturge may project her consciousness into the global telecommunications network. Inside the network, she may use any other Technomancy power. This spell only requires the thaumaturge to touch any telecommunications device. She may project her consciousness a distance depending on how well the roll was made:

Made by Result
0-1 25 miles
2 250 miles
3 1000 miles
4 5000 miles
5 Anywhere in the world including telecom satellites.

Duration: 5 minutes/point the roll was made by
Cost: 10
Prerequisites: Remote Access, Magery 3


Defense of the Sacred Haven: As per GVtM 111.

Wake with Evening's Freshness: As per GVtM 111.

Communicate with Kindred Sire: As per GVtM 111.

Deflection of Wooden Doom: As per GVtM 111.

Devil's Touch: No GURPS equivalent.
The thaumaturge curses a mortal victim via this ritual, causing everyone who interacts with the victim that evening (until sunrise) to suffer -4 interaction penalties. The mortal must be present at the ritual and a penny placed somewhere on his person for this ritual to take effect.
Cost: 1
Prerequisite: Magery 1.

Necromancy Reference Guide

The Sepulcher Path
Insight: Thanatopsis as per GVC 106.

•• Summon Soul: Summon Spirit as per GVC 106.

••• Compel Soul: Compel Spirit as per GVC 106.

•••• Haunting: Haunting as per GVC 106.

••••• Torment: Torment as per GVC 107. Note that the current VTM book lists Torment as a level 5 Discipline, not level 7.

Further Paths and Rituals available per the Game Master's request.

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